Yorkshire Water – owned by Kelda Group

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Currently owned by the Kelda Group and operating throughout the entire Yorkshire region (as well as parts of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire) – Yorkshire Water is one of the most powerful utilities providers in the UK.

Though it has origins in the Yorkshire Water Authority dating back to 1973, Yorkshire Water only truly came into effect in around 1989 when privatisation measures by the government lead by Margaret Thatcher were brought into place. Since then, they have had somewhat of a chequered history, mixing controversy with generally high levels of customer satisfaction.

Perhaps the biggest crisis in Yorkshire Water’s history was the great drought of 1995, in which around 3,500 daily tank deliveries of water were brought into the region in order to make up the shortfall in freshwater supplies – during which they were named as one of the most hated companies in the UK. On top of this, Yorkshire Water have also been fined numerous times due to environmental complaints relating to pollution and providing unfit drinking water.

Despite these slips, Yorkshire Water still remain generally popular with consumers – as well as performing above the national average for drinking water quality, the company finished 11th out of 21 in a 2013 poll for consumer satisfaction among water suppliers. They are also one of the few companies in their industry to actively encourage recreational use of their reservoirs among the public.