Very Credit Card

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Need to speak to someone about a Very credit card? Call (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9402 and speak to a member of their Money Zone customer service team now.

Having become arguably the main player in the UK catalogue clothing market following the decline of Grattan and Littlewoods, the Very brand is now a household name. Though primarily known for their fashion, electronics and toy ranges, Very have also made an impression on the British personal finance market through the Very credit card.

In addition to offering an easy way for customers to pay off high-value items purchase through their catalogue, the Very credit card has also had a number of people sign up for the company thanks to the flexible rules the company employ over eligibility to take up the service.

Applying for a Very credit card

Administered by Capital One, the Very card has proven to be a very easy way for people to get access to credit. Applications are easiest to complete over the phone with a member of customer service staff, who should be able to quickly assess your eligibility. Broadly speaking, these restrictions are confined to being over 18 years of age, on the electoral roll and not being declared bankrupt in the last 12 months.

Once you have been approved, the team will then deal with the administration of getting an account set up and having your Very credit card sent to you – which should allow you to start shopping in a matter of days.

If your application for a Very credit card is rejected, the contact agent will be able to detail exactly why this has occurred – as well as giving advice on how to resolve this problem going forward.

Speaking to the Very credit card contact team as an existing customer

Existing Very credit card customers are administered through the brand’s Money Zone division. Staff employed in this section of the business are able to offer advice on repayment plans and interest rates, as well as being able to adjust credit limits and provide solutions if you are unable to keep up with paying off debt to the company.

Very credit card customer service opening hours

As well all companies owned by Shop Direct, Very and their credit card team operate opening times of 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week – this policy even extends to their social media and e-mail staff.

If you require help with your Very credit card (or even if you’re simply looking to apply for one), contact their team now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9402 and get the assistance you require immediately.

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