United Utilities – a key administrator of water services in the UK

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Formed as a result of a merger between North West Water and NORWEB in 1995, United Utilities is now one of the foremost administrators of water services in the UK, earning an estimated £1 billion in revenues each year.

Mainly operating in the North West of England – the wettest area in the country – United Utilities have retained their longstanding head offices in the region despite a number of changes to the company. Their Warrington headquarters currently holds the majority of the business’ 5,300 employees and was also responsible for the operation of their electricity network until 2010, at which point that arm of the business was sold to Electricity North West.

United Utilities are responsible for the maintenance of a network of 184 reservoirs – with the bulk of those being in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. It is from these here that the company sources the entirety of their supply, with the company looking to utilise thousands of gallons of excess through a proposed pipeline to London.

Like all businesses in their industry, United Utilities are under constant pressure to make their company greener while decreasing pollution. To this end, United Utilities have a £3.6 billion investment plan to improve water quality and improve their environmental impact between 2010 and 2015, although the precise details of this remain unclear.