Transport and Travel


Although often criticised, Britain’s transport system is widely perceived to be among the most advanced anywhere in the world. With around 250,000 miles of roads across the country supplementing 10,000 miles of rail and over a hundred airports nationwide, the people of the UK are well served compared to a number of other nations around Europe.

One of the main transport industries that receives complaints is that of the rail network, with issues regarding speed, reliability and cost being among the most frequent. Indeed, when ranked by cost, the British train system is among the least effective anywhere in the developed world – with some linking these problems back to the privatisation that the industry went through in the 1980s.

Buses have long proved to be a vital aspect of Britain’s public transport system. One of the most used aspects of Transport for London’s system, the bus network offers a relatively low cost method of journeying around local communities.


In terms of air travel, the UK is mainly governed by wider European aviation law and thus has its hands tied on a number of matters – however, the country does have a rich heritage in flight provision, being the home of both British Airways and EasyJet.