Transport for London – running Greater London’s transport system

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Part of the UK government and staffed by the Major of London, Transport for London (most often referred to simply as TfL) is the body responsible for almost every aspect of Greater London’s transport system.

One of the most populated regions in the world, the organisation’s 28,000 people are responsible for the travel of the 8 million people who live in the area and the millions who visit London each year.

Officially founded in 2000 as part of former London Mayor Ken Livingston’s moves to modernise the local government infrastructure, TfL replaced London Regional Transport and has since become one of the most recognisable brands in the capital – thanks in part to the distinctive ‘roundel’ branding used across all of their platforms.

In terms of public transport, TfL is responsible for the administration of one of the most complex networks in the world – running London’s bus services along with underground and over-ground rail systems. Much of this is managed through their Oyster payment scheme, which enables customers to pay for travel on multiple modes of transport using a single swipe-card.

In addition to this, TfL are also the body that deal with the controversial congestion charge, the control of traffic lights and even the enforcement of bus-only lanes – all of which have led to huge numbers of complaints from the general public.