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If you agree with the Terms and Conditions and you actively call any of our listed numbers this means that you are agreeing to pay a 5p-per-minute charge from a BT landline. Please do note that calls made from mobiles and other network providers may vary in cost and include connection fees.

We advise you to be aware that numbers called from the website ContactNumbersUK.com will connect you to the best number within the chosen company that our researchers have found – some numbers may NOT connect to an operator but the IVR announcement which will play a message and direct you accordingly.

Users of ContactNumbersUK.com must have the permission of the bill payer. ContactNumbersUK will not be responsible for calls made to any of our advertised numbers without the bill-payer’s knowledge.

All numbers advertised on ContactNumbersUK.com are regularly checked to ensure they are as accurate as possible, all numbers will connect to the desired company however if the internal routing has been changes the rout the call may take can differ. If it is discovered that a number has been deactivated and we have not been made aware we will provide a full refund of the call based on the supply of a copy bill highlighting the cost, in this event please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

ContactNumbersUK.com is an independent business and website and is in no way connected with or associated with any of the companies, businesses or organisations advertised on the ContactNumbersUK.com website.

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