Tax Office Phone Number – 0843 515 9412

0843 515 9412

Tax Office Phone Number 0843 515 9412

Our Tax Office Phone Number, will direct you to the main HMRC customer service team who will endeavour to assist with your enquiry.

Tax Office Phone NumberWe all know the phrase from the TV, “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing” however on most occasions it is confusing and sometimes a concerning subject. Most people if they are honest do not know the first thing about tax but a call to the HMRC or their local Tax Office is often the first step to finding out more.

To help make life simpler for you the Tax Office Phone Number 0843 515 9412 will connect your call to the main HMRC switchboard where an agent will gladly assist.

What is the best address when writing to the tax office?

Despite there being a central government location where a lot of tax related administration occurs, the majority of tax office enquiries are dealt with at a local level. There are a number of tax office outposts in the UK with a variety of addresses available. The most advisable thing to do if you need to put something in writing to the tax office is to use this online tool linked here in order to locate your local office.

Tax Office phone number – opening hoursTax Office Contact Number

You can contact the Tax Office to discuss any needs for your client or yourself, you can contact the team on the Tax Office Phone Number – 0843 515 9412, during the following hours:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 8am to 4pm.

Please note that the line is closed on Sundays and also public holidays.

By calling the Tax Office Phone Number you will be able to discuss matters concerning any of the following HMRC services;

Alcohol & Tobacco Warehousing Declarations (ATWD)
Child Benefits – 0843 515 9411
Construction Industry Scheme
Duty Deferment Electronic Statements (DDES)
Electronic Binding Tariff Information (eBTI)
EC Sales List (ECSL)
Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) National Service Desk (NSD)
EU VAT Refunds
Import Control System (ICS)
Intrastat Supplementary Declaration
Machine Games Duty (MGD)
National Exports System (NES)
New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)
Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA)
Online agent authorisation
PAYE for Employers
Pension Schemes
Rebated Oils Enquiry Service
Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil (RDCO)
Reverse Charge Sales List (RCSL)
Self Assessment
Shared Workspace (SWS)
Stamp Taxes
Tax Credits – 0843 515 9428
Tied Oils Inquiry Service
VAT for Agents
VAT Online
VAT on e-services (VOES)              Tax Telephone Number

Before calling the Tax Office phone number to discuss your queries please do ensure that you have all your reference numbers and associated letters relating to your call at hand, these will help our agents assist you more quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day no one ever wants to contact the Tax Man however delaying such a call could make matters worse, call the Tax Office Phone Number now and you never know, you may be told that that you are entitled to a Tax Rebate!

Tax Office Phone Number

0843 515 9412

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