TalkTalk – a leading internet, mobile and television service provider

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Starting out by mainly offering landline telephone services to customers in 2003, TalkTalk has blossomed into being one of the UK’s leading internet, mobile and television service providers.

With revenues of around £1.6 billion, they currently have an estimated 3 million customers subscribed to one or more of their packages. TalkTalk offers services to both individual and commercial clients – though the latter is done through their TalkTalk Business brand – and continues to grow in the face of fierce competition.

Although they are still considerably smaller than their main competitors Virgin Media and Sky, TalkTalk have managed to draw in customers by offering low price alternatives to the bigger brands – though they do not have the range of exclusive media and super-fast broadband that their rivals can deliver. However, they are still one of only two ‘quadruple play’ companies in the UK, as only TalkTalk and Virgin Media offer a full range of landline, mobile, television and internet packages.

In addition to providing the internet under their own TalkTalk brand, the company still offer services under the AOL Broadband name having bought the rights to the brand in 2006 – despite the operation being rated as the ‘worst for problems’ by customers contacted by Which? Magazine.

TalkTalk billboard advertisement

The TalkTalk mobile network is run under licence from Vodafone, and is yet to make much progress in taking on the likes of O2, EE and Virgin Mobile for customers, despite relatively low prices.

Many people became aware of the TalkTalk brand through their sponsorship of major television programmes, with the original Channel 4 run of Big Brother and, currently, The X Factor being sponsored by the company.