Switching to British Gas

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Switching to British GasChanging your energy provider may seem like a daunting prospect but with our step-by-step guide, it needn’t be. In fact, by following a few easy instructions, switching to British Gas is both simple and fast.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, therefore we’ve compiled some at-a-glance information as an invaluable reference when transferring to British Gas for gas and/or electricity.

Transferring domestic energy supplies to British Gas:

Changing to British Gas as your preferred energy supplier takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks – the transfer duration will depend upon individual circumstances. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Before selecting a specific British Gas deal it’s advisable to explore the different options online, there you will find convenient tariff tools designed to help you choose from variables such as: unit rates, standing charges, Direct Debit discounts and personal projection (i.e. an energy estimate based on individual consumption).
  • Consider the benefits of online (paperless) billing – aimed at making the personal handling of your British Gas account much more convenient. Advantages of choosing the digital option are: the effortless online submission of meter readings (eliminating estimated bills), bill organisation at the click of a mouse (including account viewing, printing and paying), the booking & tracking of engineer visits and up-to-the-minute comparisons of the latest tariffs, all carried out from the convenience of your home.
  • If calling to switch to British Gas, please have relevant information from your previous supplier, your latest meter readings (gas and/or electric) and if moving property, your moving in date, plus the forwarding details of previous occupants.
  • Many customers prefer to discuss their switch to British Gas with a member of the customer service team. That’s why you’ll find helpdesk lines open from 8am until 6pm on a Monday to Thursday and from 8am until 5pm on a Friday.   

Switching to British Gas Business

As with British Gas’ domestic energy supplies, it is advisable to gain an online business quotation via website www.britishgas.co.uk (or by telephone), enabling you to ascertain the opportunities for saving on gas, electric or dual-fuel. Here are some things to consider

  • Switching to British Gas BusinessWhether you decide to switch your gas or/and electric to British Gas, applications can be made online or via telephone – if applying online, you will receive an email confirmation. A British Gas agent will contact you within 48 hours and a contract will be sent by post.
  • British Gas will inform gas pipeline operators and the case of electric switchover, the SMRS (Supplier Meter Registration Service), plus any existing suppliers, announcing that providers are changing.
  • Meter readings will be taken by British Gas, either on or as close to the transfer date previously agreed.
  • British Gas will begin the switchover process, however should you wish to cancel your agreement, there is a 9-day cooling period – providing ample time to contact a British Gas advisor with details of your intentions.

If you are a larger businesses, spending over £100,000 per year on your energy bill, please ask about the possibility of a bespoke gas and/or electricity quotation – tailored to your individual corporate requirements. Simply call the British Gas team via the contact number provided to request a quotation call back – please note that lines are open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday.