Swiftcover – a quick, easy way to arrange low-cost insurance cover

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As one of a growing number of internet-based insurance companies, Swiftcover have been marketed since their formation in 2005 around being a quick, easy way to arrange low-cost cover for car, home, travel and a variety of other things.

Originally set up by executives of the Churchill Insurance group, since 2007 Swiftcover has been owned by AXA UK plc, and continues to grow as one of the nation’s most recognised providers of insurance cover.

Though initially strict in their online-only concept to the point where their marketing strategy was based around there being ‘No Clucking Call Centres’, the Swiftcover has now softened this stance, now operating three contact centres out of Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Teeside – though they still offer support to customers who contact them through e-mail.

Unlike other insurers such as MoreThan, LV and Aviva, Swiftcover don’t rely on low prices or wide-ranging coverage in order to draw in customers – their business is based around being able to give consumers fast quotes and allowing them to be covered almost instantly.

Many will know the company through their advertisements starring Iggy Pop – which gained further notoriety when it transpired that Iggy would have been unable to sign up for a policy with the company as they refused to cover musicians at the time. Swiftcover have also sponsored Formula 1 coverage and Absolute Radio in order to increase exposure.