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0843 515 8376
Southern Electric jobs contact number

Looking to get a job with Southern Electric? Call their contact number now on 0843 515 8376 to have a member of staff inform you of their most up-to-date vacancies.

Billing themselves as being more responsible than any other energy company, Southern Electric place a heavy emphasis on the family atmosphere among their employees – something that they hope manages to translate to a better experience for their customers. It is this kind of accountability and ethic that has made Southern Electric jobs among the most sought after in the UK.

What are Southern Electric like as an employer?

Technically, all Southern Electric jobs are run centrally through parent company SSE (formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy). Despite being operated by a large umbrella corporation, the business is still widely perceived to be one of the most caring employers in the UK – and have recently bolstered this reputation by implementing a business-wide ‘living wage’ initiative. This new strategy ensures that anyone working for Southern Electric is paid a rate that keeps them well above what is perceived to be the poverty line in Britain and live in relative comfort.

In addition to this, employees have noted the chances for steady progression within the ranks at Southern Electric – with hardworking members of staff rewarded access to training programmes and with promotions to better paying jobs.

What kind of jobs can Southern Electric offer?

Given the broad base of their operations – with everything from the infrastructure of their energy network through to dealing with the administration of customer bills needed day-to-day – there is a wide range of jobs available with Southern Electric.

Most commonly, customer service staff are required for the Southern Electric and SSE contact centres – however, there are generally always opportunities for engineers, mechanics and anyone of a more technical nature. The easiest way to find out what vacancies are available is to phone the Southern Electric jobs helpline, who always have an up to date list of roles currently being advertised across the business.

Apprenticeship jobs and training programmes with Southern Electric

As is common with their competitors (particularly with EDF Energy and npower), Southern Electric have been keen to take advantage of the current apprenticeship boom taking place in the UK, and have many thousands of trainee positions made available every year. It is also widely believed that many SSE apprenticeships are moved into full-time Southern Electric jobs once their programme has come to an end.

If you’re looking to get a role with Southern Electric, start by phoning their customer service team now on 0843 515 8376. One of their expert contact centre staff will be able to inform you of all SSE’s latest jobs.

0843 515 8376
Southern Electric jobs contact number

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