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Sky contact numberHaving problems with your Sky television, broadband or landline service? Contact their customer service team by phoning (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8193 now and take the first steps towards resolving your issue.

The UK’s largest supplier of satellite television since their launch in 1990, Sky have now become an all-inclusive provider – offering broadband internet and home phone coverage as well as their subscription TV deals. Competing alongside the likes of Virgin Media and TalkTalk for custom, still remain the most popular brand in paid broadcasting – largely thanks to their Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic packages.

What services can the Sky contact number help me with?

One of the advantages of Sky not offering the same broad range of products that their competitors do (for instance, both TalkTalk and Virgin Media are mobile network providers, adding even more value to their customers) is the fact that the majority of their customer service team will be able to help you with most issues about your account, regardless of who you speak to.

Despite this, Sky do have individual departments who specifically deal with each aspect of their business – and their contact number will normally be able to direct you towards a member of staff specially trained in whatever matter has caused the call.

As it is their most popular service, the Sky TV division receives the most calls on a day to day basis. However, their landline and broadband departments still speak to a large volume of customers – and all are trained to the high standards Sky demand of their staff.

Typical queries dealt with by the Sky contact number are:

Sky cancellations

Due to the increased competition from TalkTalk, Virgin Media and BT, the customer service team are contacted by a number of people who need to cancel their service. Although their retentions staff are able to offer reduced rates and special offers, as long as you have a valid reason for cancellation (and are outside of your agreed contract period with the company), stopping your Sky subscription should be straightforward.

Paying my Sky bill

In most cases, fees for a Sky bill are taken through a direct debit (DD) or standing order. However, this can procedure can fail due to issues with your bank or due to administrative error – and in these situations, paying charges to Sky is relatively easy.

All that will be required is the relevant details to either set up a new direct debit, or the money can be taken straight from a credit card of your choice – and the Sky contact team will be able to walk you through this process.

Joining Sky

Sky contact numberLike most businesses, Sky are always happy to hear from customers who are looking to join the company. Whether you are already certain of the package that you require or you would like some guidance, the customer service team should be able to offer assistance – as well as talking through all of their terms and conditions.

As their are a number of different options available (spread across their TV, internet and landline services), the Sky contact team will always offer advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


I have a problem with my service – should I phone the Sky contact number?

Although they are one of the most trusted brands in the UK, the amount of people that they have dependent upon every aspect of their service means that there are bound to be some who are left feeling aggrieved at the product they’re being supplied with. Their last public estimate suggested that Sky has around 10 million consumers who use them for one or more package – and, unfortunately, a small but significant percentage of that figure do experience difficulties.

Although there are a number of different portals through which customers are encouraged to get in contact with the company, most people still report that calling the Sky customer service phone number is the method to get your problem solved in the most efficient manner.

What will happen when I contact Sky?

Sky phone numberThe actions that the contact centre staff will take depends mainly on what difficulties you are experiencing.

For problems with your Sky HD + box, broadband modem or landline phone, most customers report that their technical support team will strive to resolve the matter over the phone – and, if they can’t, they will book a mechanic to be sent to your home to get your service back up to standard. Faults in the Sky network remain rare, and having to wait for the issue to be solved can be a hassle – but in a high number of situations, they do require outside intervention.

However, the majority of phone calls made to the Sky contact number are done in order to log a complaint. Perhaps the most common disputes are over billing – with some customers feeling that they have been overcharged or misled over the pricing for a product.

Another frequent issue is people feeling that the service that Sky are providing isn’t adequate – with choppy picture quality on certain channels and slow broadband speeds being two of the most numerous reasons why people feel let down.

While some people will stay silent about an issue, the only way you can get the service you deserve is by phoning the Sky contact number and letting them know your grievances.

Alternative ways to contact Sky

Along with their phone number, Sky offer a variety of ways in which their customers can get in touch with the company’s support staff. The options available are dependent on which aspect of the business you need to talk about. You can find out each indvidual option on the contact us page of Sky’s website.

They also accept formal complaints to their main address. You can find the Sky head office address below.

British Sky Broadcasting Ltd
Grant Way

Phone the Sky contact number now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8193 and take the first steps towards getting your television, broadband and landline coverage back on track.

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