Scottish Power – owned by Spanish utility giant Iberdrola

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Founded in 1990 due to the privatisation of the previously state owned industry, Scottish Power is one of the biggest energy providers in the UK.

Although it still has its head offices in Glasgow, Scotland, it is now wholly owned by Spanish utility giant Iberdrola following an £11.6 billion buyout in 2006.

Given its name, it is no surprise that Scottish Power runs most of its operations in Scotland – however, it also delivers services to Mersey and North Wales, but doesn’t extend coverage to the whole of the UK. While mainly offering gas and electric to customers, like many of its competitors (mainly British Gas with their HomeCare brand) Scottish Power can also provide boiler care as well as green energy solutions.

Using their own power stations, Scottish Power generates much of its electricity through gas, while also having oil and coal facilities – and have recently added renewable energy plants that generate energy through pumped storage, hydro and wind. Owning 11 power plants in total, Scottish Power also provides power to the national grid and is one of the overall biggest energy providers in the UK.

Like any utilities company, Scottish Power is having to deal with increased costs – and these rises are often passed on to customers in the form of price rises. These increased bills have been cause for complaint across the board, and the company are not alone in being contacted by customers who are unhappy with the current costs of gas and electricity.