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0843 515 8141

 PIP Phone Number   PIP-Phone-Number

Our PIP phone number 0843 515 8141 will direct your call to the main PIP Customer Service Team who will endeavour to assist with your enquiry. Further information can be found at your local DWP office or Job Centre Plus Office. Please note that you may also find that PIP is sometimes referred to as the ‘Personal Independence Payment’.

As from 13th April 2013 the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) began the change to PIP (Personal Independence Payment).

What is PIP?

The PIP benefit is for people aged between 16 and 64 who have a permanent disability or health condition.

The purpose of PIP is to help claimants manage some of the ‘extra’ costs which may occur caused by ill health and a disability.

PIP Phone NumberThe benefit will be calculated and based on how the condition affects you and not the condition itself, if you are unsure if you do qualify one of the agents within the DWP will be able to assist. Why not give them a call on our PIP phone Number 0843 515 8141?


Typical Rates of PIP Payment

The PIP Personal Independence Payment benefit is made up of 2 x elements – you may be entitled to both parts or just one depending on your condition. The PIP benefit payments are broken down as follows:

PIP Contact Number

Daily Living Element

Daily Living Element                   Weekly Rate
Standard                                     £53.00
Enhanced                                    £79.15


Mobility Element

Daily Mobility Element            Weekly Rate
Standard                                 £21.00
Enhanced                                £55.25


All awarded benefits are dependent on a full assessment to determine the level of help you may receive – speak with an agent now by calling our direct phone number on 0843 515 8141.

Personal Independence Payment Eligibility

Qualification for PIP falls into the following categories:

* Aged between 16 and 64 years old.
* Difficulties with Daily Living Activities
* Difficulties with Mobility
* Terminally Ill

These difficulties must have been with you for at least 3 Months and be expected to last for at least 9 Months.

Personal Independence Payment – Daily Living Difficulties

* Preparing or consuming food
* Washing, Bathing and Personal Cleanliness
* Personal Dressing
* Communicating
* Personal Medication Management
* Financial Decision Making

Personal Independence Payment – Mobility Difficulties

The Mobility element of PIP may be available if you have difficulty moving around or  PIP Telephone Number getting out and about – for more information please call 0843 515 8141 or click onto https://www.gov.uk/pip/overview

Personal Independence Payment – Health Assessment

PIP Contact DetailsOnce you have applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) you may receive a letter asking you to attend an assessment. This will determine the level of help you may require – the details of the assessment time and location will be on the letter.

The DWP will make the final decision on your application based on the results of your assessment.

How to apply for Personal Independence Payment

One of the easiest way to start your application is to call our direct PIP phone number on 0843 515 9415. However, for you convenience we have listed some of the alternative ways you can get in touch and find out more.

If you already receive DLA you will not be affected by PIP until 2015 unless your DLA award finishes or your conditions change for the worse.

Use the PIP Checker to see if you are eligible and when you can make a new claim;
PIP Checker – ‘Click Here’

More information relating to PIPPersonal Independence Payment can be found on the following links and Phone Numbers;

DWP – Click Here – Or call on CNUK Number 0843 515 9415
HMRC – Click Here – Or call on CNUK Number 0843 515 9412
Job Centre Plus – Click Here – Or call on CNUK Number 0843 515 9429
Tax Credits – Click Here – Or call on CNUK Number 0843 515 515 9428

Contacting the PIP Department by post

Please send any written correspondence to:

Personal Independence Payment New Claims
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1AH

“All of the above information and a full list of all contact numbers and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain”

CNUK – PIP Phone Number

Personal Independence Payment

0843 515 8141

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