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Passport Office contact numberAre you renewing your passport or requesting a first one for your child? Call the Passport Office Call Connection Contact Number on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8144 now for a quick solution.  

Formerly known as the Identity and Passport Service, 2013 saw the renaming of the agency to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in order to recognise them as the only official passport issuer in the UK. British Passports are issued by Royal Prerogative – beyond the jurisdiction of the Government, as such bearing the Royal coat of arms on their front cover.

As well as their headquarters as part of the Home Office at 2 Marsham Street in London, the agency also have seven regional offices around the UK – Scotland is catered for in Glasgow while the main Wales buildings are situated in Newport; Belfast is the sole HM Passport Office in Northern Ireland with the remaining four offices situated around England.

How much does a new UK passport cost?

Passport Office phone numberThe issue of a standard 32-page adult passport for people over 16 years-old currently costs £72.50 – however more frequent travellers are advised to pay a fee of £85.50 for a 48-page jumbo passport. A child passport costs £46 pounds but there is no fee for those born before 2 September 1929.

Those in a rush can take advantage of the HM Passport Office Premium service which will renew an adult passport within four hours. This requires the applicant to visit their nearest passport office as well as paying an increased fee – £128 for a 32-page passport or £137 for a jumbo passport.

How do I apply for a new passport?

Passport Office Call Connection Contact NumberThe passport application process will vary depending on whether the applicant is seeking to become a first-time passport holder or is simply renewing an existing passport through the Home Office. All first-time adult passport applicants are required to attend an interview to verify their identity – this is a fraud prevention measure as the HM Passport Office are regularly under scrutiny regards their eligibility rules for who can gain a UK passport. Parents can also apply for a first passport for their child – once again this will require a telephone call to confirm identity.

Those renewing their passport can often skip straight to the next step of the application process – collecting a form from their local Post Office which will ask them to provide the details of their existing passport, as well as any changes in address or personal details since their previous passport was issued. Normally a passport application will take about three weeks to process, but new applicants should expect at least six weeks for a first passport application – taking into account the likelihood of requiring a face to face interview at their nearest regional office.

I am worried that I made an error with my Passport application

With a large percentage of passport applications being made by post, it can take a while before an applicant is notified of any errors they might have made during the process. If a mistake has been made, all that will happen is that the application will be returned as being incomplete – causing the applicant to re-apply. The Post Office have plenty of information regards the information that needs to be included in any passport application – they also offer a Check and Send service. This involves a member of the Post Office staff ensuring that all necessary documentation and photographs have been included in the application before it is submitted. Any instant queries however are served by calling the HM Passport Office directly.

Passport Advice Line opening hours

One call to (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8144 will connect you with the Passport Office’s dedicated helpline, on hand to assist with any related queries. The Passport advice line is available during he following hours: 7.00am until 10.00pm on a Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm on a Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

Postal enquiries

Passport Office helplineThe Passport Office is able to deal with general enquiries via the mail also. The address you require if you wish to send in a letter by mail is:

Her Majesty’s Passport Office
Globe House
89 Eccleston Square

However, the above address is only suitable if you have a straightforward question. Please note that any written complaints should be sent to:

Customer service manager
Customer contact centre
PO Box 175
NP20 2DW

Contacting the General Register Office

Passport application and renewal are obvious reasons for contacting the Passport Office, however you may have cause to raise an enquiry or complaint with the General Register Office.

This can be done in one of the following methods. One call to (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8144 is an efficient way to direct your call to the General Register Office – lines are open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday then 9am until 4pm on a Saturday.

You can email the General Register Office at any time via Written correspondence should be addressed to:

Customer service manager
Room E101
General Register Office
HM Passport Office
Trafalgar Road

Renew your passport quickly by calling the Passport Office Call Connection Contact Number now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8144.

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