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Despite attempting to offer various other solutions aimed at dealing with issues faced by customers, the O2 pay monthly contact number remains the way to get in touch – phone now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9039.

Owned by Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, O2 have consistently been one of the most trusted mobile service providers in the UK. Now a worldwide operation, they have an estimated 16 million customers in Britain alone – where the company regularly outperforms rivals Virgin Mobile, EE and Vodafone – and therefore it is no surprise that there are many thousands of customers who need to get in contact with the company every day for a whole range of different reasons.

What services does the O2 contact number deal with?

Many of the queries that O2’s customer services team deal with are in regards to their Pay As You Go and pay monthly mobile products. Given the differences in the terms and conditions for PAYG and contract customers, O2 have taken the sensible step of dealing with them through separate departments – when you make your call to O2 customer services, their phone system will connect you to the correct section of the contact centre depending on your needs.

Most queries are made in regards to O2 bills being more than the customer anticipated – and in most of these cases, the company will offer advice on how a tariff could be altered to stop this happening again. It has also been reported that, in extenuating circumstances, O2 will offer reductions on the amount a customer is due to pay on their contract, or offer a rebate on a top-up made through a PAYG tariff.

Though O2 are largely known for being a mobile network provider, they also provide a variety of other products to customers. Perhaps most notably, the company is still responsible for dealing with complaints relating to O2 broadband – despite the fact that this arm of the business was sold off to Sky in 2013.

In addition to questions about their financial services (branded as O2 Money), their contact centres are also able to deal with enquires about the Priority Moments scheme – where those who use the company can benefit from offers exclusive to O2 customers.

Contacting O2

In order to manage the masses of questions customers have every day, O2 have set up a number of different ways for users to deal with their problems with the service – however, many have reported that phoning their customer services still remains the most efficient method of resolving an issue.

Most companies are now keen for their customers to deal resolve matters themselves – and O2 have joined this by setting up O2 Community. Essentially a peer-to-peer forum, it allows consumers to swap advice and trade solutions among themselves – however, this comes with its own problems. Though the O2 customer base is highly knowledgeable on the whole, it is only natural with any crowd sourced knowledge that some of it will be factually incorrect. Also, by the very fact that they are not associated with the company, they do not have the required power to solve the most pressing problems.

In addition to this, the company now have a live chat service – where those using the website can speak like to a customer services agent using an instant messaging client. This has proved to be mildly successful, though demand upon the service – and the fact that many agents are forced to deal with several customers at the same time – means that many contacting the company this way have been left unimpressed.

Despite the various other methods that the company have put in place, it seems that there is no real alternative to picking up the phone and getting in touch with one of O2’s contact centres. In addition to having powers that far outstrip their online equivalents, most customers have reported that their service is more likely to end in a satisfactory resolution, as well as being quicker and easier to use.

When is the time to contact O2?

Using largely British-based call centres, O2 operate generally around a typical UK working day, and are unable to offer 24 hour support for their customers. Though most departments are open from 8am until 8pm, it is advised that if you require your call to be dealt with speedily, you do so outside of peak hours – which generally means calling O2 first thing in the morning, or later in the evening.

If you’re looking for the O2 pay monthly contact number – call them now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9039.

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