Norton – the global market leader in antivirus software

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Founded by the Symantec Corporation, Norton is considered to be a market leader in antivirus software – the latest estimates suggest that they are responsible for around 61% of the industry in the United States, with similar figures forecast worldwide.

Under the brand name Norton AntiVirus, the company earn the majority of their business through bundling their software with packages for new computers and laptops. However, the nature of these deals means that the software is often difficult to uninstall, and intermittently prompts users to sign up for additional services once the year-long trial comes to an end – something the company have been heavily criticised for. However, these are tactics that are widely employed across the industry, with rivals Kaspersky Lab and Trend Micro known to employ a similar business model.

As internet hackers have become more sophisticated, the company have had to increase the security of their software to match these changes. In addition to the traditional malware and virus prevention, the latest versions of Norton AntiVirus help fight e-mail spam and alert subscribers to phishing scams – with both proving to be key for customers who are not tech-savvy.

Although primarily known for an association with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Norton also offer their services for users on Linux and Apple products – however, consumer uptake for such products in these sectors is comparatively low, and this is typically attributed to the native strength of security inherent in Linux and Apple’s operating systems in contrast with Microsoft Windows.