New Sky Call Connection Number

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Calling the new Sky phone number now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8193 means that you will be able to speak to a customer service advisor who will be able to deal with your query in a quick and efficient manner.

The UK’s leading provider of satellite television (thanks largely to customers being drawn in by their Sky Movies and Sky Sports packages) – as well as a growing force in the home phone and broadband internet markets – with around a tenth of the British population using at least one Sky service, it can be no surprise that there are many people who need to phone the company every day.

Finding the new Sky phone number

In what has become a common trend among companies in the UK, customers can often find it difficult to locate the correct phone number when they need to contact Sky. The reasons behind this from Sky’s perspective are clear: the more people that phone the company, the higher the number of employees they have to employ at their contact centres – which, in turn, leads to increased costs and lower profits for the business as a whole.

Despite this, phoning Sky remains the quickest and easier way to deal with any issue you have with the company. Their skilled staff have wide-ranging powers that mean problems with billing or slow broadband speeds can be dealt with almost immediately – and, if not, they can take the first steps towards resolving your complaint.

What does the new Sky phone number deal with?

Similar to competitors Virgin Media and TalkTalk, Sky have their call centres split into various different departments. Broadly speaking, these can be split into four categories – complaints, queries, new custom and cancellations.

The majority of phone calls made to Sky are either about a complaint, or are made by someone looking to cancel their subscription. With competition higher than ever, Sky no longer have a stranglehold over the market in the same way that they once did – so customers who are experiencing low levels of service or feel as though they could get a better deal elsewhere are making their voices heard.

Of course, one of the majority reasons many chose Sky is thanks to their wide range of exclusive content – with the company owning the rights to broadcast Game of Thrones, Mad Men and live Premier League football among other much-coveted assets. If you would like to add a service to your existing subscription, or are interested in taking out a new package with the company, they are always willing to take your call.

Is the new phone number the only way to get in contact with Sky?

In order to deal with the large workload that comes with dealing with an estimated 10 million customers across the UK, Sky have developed a number of strategies to engage with people who are experiencing problems with their subscription.

Consumer habits have changed massively since Sky was founded in 1990, and they now have a whole host of different options for those looking to make a complaint or log an issue in addition to their traditional call centres. Two of the most frequently used are the company’s official social media channels (through Facebook and Twitter) and their new, live chat option on the Sky website.

However, many have noted that the level of service provided through these are often not quite up to the high standards many have come to expect from Sky. The same can be said of the company’s own, internally run help forum – where much of the information is either irrelevant or out of date.

Despite society and technology advancing almost beyond recognition in the past 25 years, most customers still report that the way to get an issue resolved with Sky is through their new phone number – where one of their expertly trained call centre staff will be able to personally deal with your issue.

Although there are other ways to get in contact with the business, Sky’s new phone number still remains the way to get your matter dealt with – call now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 8193.

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