Lost National Insurance Numbers

0843 515 9454
Lost NI Numbers contact number

Struggling to find your NI Number? Call the Lost National Insurance Number contact team on 0843 515 9454 to get sent yours now.

The main form of identification in the social security system in the UK, having a National Insurance Number is absolutely vital for anyone looking to find a job or earn benefits in Britain. Officially described as a “personal account number” by the government, an NI number’s importance is somewhat of a hazard for those who have been unfortunate enough to lose theirs.

I haven’t got a National Insurance number

Any UK resident should automatically be issued with a plastic card that states their National Insurance number upon reaching their 16th birthday. This is done in order to ensure that an individual can go about taking on gainful employment and paying into the social security public purse.

Anyone who is yet to receive their National Insurance number is advised to phone the lost National Insurance number helpline – in most cases, this is simply a case of a glitch in the system, and can quite easily be rectified by answering a number of straightforward questions.

What do I do if I’ve lost my National Insurance number?

Losing a National Insurance number is an incredibly common occurrence, despite the importance they play in the everyday lives of Britons. However, getting a replacement is quite simple – though it can be somewhat of a time consuming affair.


Upon phoning the Lost National Insurance number team, a number of straightforward questions will be asked about personal circumstance and history in order to verify identity. From there, a replacement National Insurance card will be issued via post – the team will be unable to repeat the number over the phone.

Anyone unable to answer the questions asked will be required to fill out a form entitled CA5403 – the contact team will be able to have one sent out for completion.

I’ve lost my National Insurance card but can still remember my number – do I need a replacement?

One of the common myths about National Insurance is that the plastic card is the most important aspect of the organisation. However, the card is simply a means to carry the National Insurance number – and therefore, anyone who can remember their NI number will not need to ask for a replacement.

If you’re struggling to find out your NI number, call the lost National Insurance number team on 0843 515 9454 to speak to a member of staff and have a replacement issued now.

0843 515 9454
Lost NI Numbers contact number

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