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0843 515 9413
Inland Revenue contact number

For any queries regarding Inland Revenue or any of the departments that have since been moved to the administration of HMRC, contact 0843 515 9413 now.

Since 2005, the operations that were previously under the jurisdiction of Inland Revenue have now been transferred over to the newly created HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) – which also now encompasses the previous HM Customs and Excise organisations. However, even in 2014 there are still many people who have questions for regarding Inland Revenue for a number of reasons, and the staff who man their helplines are able to offer assistance regarding this.

Contacting Inland Revenue


Previously, Inland Revenue were responsible for the collection of all taxation in the UK, and were known to deal with thousands of queries to this effect every year. However, following restructures all previous Inland Revenue operations are now being run by HMRC, including all helplines and contact numbers. From the perspective of the taxpayer very little has changed, with much of the same staff and same departments still in place from before the changes, meaning callers broadly have the same experience as they did before the 2005 restructure.

What kind of things can the Inland Revenue helpline assist with?

Inland Revenue was one of the largest departments of the government, and the change to HMRC has only increased the number of matters they are responsible for.

Like Inland Revenue before it, HMRC deal with questions from both employers and the British public – and are able to expertly address a variety of problems quickly and effectively. Individual departments are assigned to different aspects of the organisation, meaning that those looking for help with Income Tax, National Insurance, Corporation Tax or any other issue is able to speak to someone who is specifically trained in that subject.

In addition to this, HMRC now deal with the bulk of the administration for pension contributions, boarder customs and exemptions for nationally registered charities, and are legally obliged to provide assistance on each of these issues.

Although most welfare payments are dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions, there are a number that are administered through HMRC – the main two being Tax Credit and Child Benefit. Anyone looking to earn payments on a claim for either of these benefits will need to speak to a member of the HMRC team using their helpline number.

Inland Revenue helpline opening hours

One of the few things that has been changed in the move from Inland Revenue to HMRC has been the availability of call centre staff for people attempting to contact them, with opening hours now more inclusive than they have ever been.

However, as staff as based in the UK and are each trained exclusively on a single subject, operating times differ wildly depending on the department a caller is attempting to contact. However, helpline opening hours are generally run around the British working week – anyone looking to phone between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday will be able to speak to a member of HMRC’s customer service team, with many divisions also available throughout the weekend.

For those looking to get in touch with Inland Revenue for any query or complaint, start by contacting their helpline team on 0843 515 9413 now.

0843 515 9413
Inland Revenue contact number

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