Income Support – supplementing your earnings

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Income Support is a benefit provided by the UK government in order to supplement the earnings of those in jobs that are low paid, or have a limited number of working hours – in addition to this, those who are unable to sign on for Jobseeker’s Allowance may also be eligible to make a claim, although this has largely been replaced with Employment and Support Allowance.

Unlike many other benefits, Income Support can be claimed by those who are studying, but only in very specific circumstances – most of which are reliant on the claimant being independent of their parents, or unlikely to be able to get a job due to an ongoing illness or disability.

The amount that can be claimed through Income Support varies depending on age and circumstance. For those 24 or younger, claims are limited to £56.25 per week for an individual, or £112.55 for a couple. The amount that a couple can earn stays the same once they reach 25, but for an individual the limit rises to £71 per week.

Like all other benefits, an Income Support claim can affect the amount being claimed through other benefits. This is due, in part, to new rulings put in place by the new governments, with the benefits cap in particular having a huge effect on people who are heavily reliant on the government for financial assistance.