Income Support Phone Number

0843 515 9418

Income Support Phone Number 0843 515 9418

Our Income Support phone number will direct your call to their main switchboard where they will endeavour to assist you with your enquiry. Their call centre team are able to offer help on any number of matters, including applications, appeals and complaints.

What exactly is Income Support?

Income Support contact numberQuite simply, Income Support is money that you get if you earn a low income which cannot meet your needs – however there are also criteria which need to be met. The point of Income Support is to allow those who are struggling to make ends meet while they work in low paid jobs to sustain their lives at an acceptable level. In many cases, this allows individuals to transition into employment from Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and other benefits with a minimum of fuss.

It is widely accepted that Income Support is one of the least well known welfare payments offered by the UK government. In fact, the Income Support contact number spends much of its time discussing the payment with people who were unaware that they may be eligible. This is why it is always recommended that you make a call if you think you may be able to earn money through the system.

Income Support phone number opening hours

Much like the rest of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) call centres, the Income Support phone number operates opening times that mirror the stereotypical working week. If you have a problem that needs assistance, you can make any telephone enquiries between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Previously, their call centres had been open on weekends, but this has been stopped since the austerity measures taken by the UK Government. They are also unable to take calls throughout Bank Holidays and on selected dates throughout the festive period – it is worth checking the Income Support website for further information around this.

Typical Income Support Rates

Obviously, rates of Income Support are not always set in stone as individual circumstances influence the amount awarded to eligible claimants – however, typical amounts are as follows:

Single Aged 16 to 24 years £57.35
Single Aged 25+ years £72.40
Single Parent Aged 16 to 17 years £57.35
Single Parent Aged 18+ years £72.40
Couples Aged under 18 years £57.35
Couples Aged under 18                                       (Higher Rate Payment) £86.65
Couples Aged under 18 and up to 24 years £57.35
Couples Aged under 18 and up to 24+ years £72.40
Couples One aged under 18 & one aged 18+ years    (Higher Rate Payment) £113.70
Couples Aged 18+ years £113.70

These rates are set by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and are non-negotiable. However, there are certain situations in which an individual may be able to appeal against the amount that the Government have decreed they are allowed. These appeals and complaints are one of the main reasons people call the Income Support contact number


Eligibility for Income Support

Income Support helplineNormally, if you work less than 16 hours every week and are unable to get enough income to get by, you can apply for Income Support. The government has put in place measures and qualifications that you have to meet in order to be qualified for income support. You can only know more about income support by reaching the relevant government department through the income support phone number 0843 515 9418

As stated, you will qualify for income support if you do not work at all as a result of certain justifiable reasons or if you work but earn a low income. In case you are earning a low income and also happen to have kids, you may also be entitled to Child Tax Credit. Normally, the amount of money you receive as Income Support is approximately £56 per week. However, you have to contact the support department in order to ascertain if you qualify for the help before you can start receiving it.

How to apply for Income Support

Income Support customer serviceThe process is pretty easy. Get in touch with the government department by using the Income Support contact number.

These are the people that will direct you on the relevant documents to supply and the forms to be filled in order to qualify for help. You can also use the contact number to ask any questions that you may have with regards to your income support status.

You will also need the telephone number to find out if you have indeed qualified for the support after application. As long as you meet the criteria required by the law, the process is actually quite simple and you can make it easier and more reliable for yourself by keeping constant communication with the department.

Other reasons why it is important to have the Income Support contact number include the fact that your income status may change for the better. If this happens, it is your legal duty to report to the relevant authorities so that they can stop disbursing funds. Remember that is against the law to receive income support if you are not qualified.

That is what you need to know about Income Support. For details concerning the service, clarifications and explanations, use the income support phone number to contact them. They will give you help concerning your query and help you resolve whatever problem related to income support you may be having.

Income Support Number

0843 515 9418

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