HSBC Business Banking

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Are you a business banking account holder? Contact HSBC Business Banking directly on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9442 to have your query answered quickly by a knowledgeable member of their customer service team.

One of the most recognisable banks in Britain, HSBC in fact has its roots in the Far East – as its full name of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation would suggest. The company opened its first bank in the region in 1865, but is a truly international banking corporation, with 7200 offices worldwide serving 89 million customers.

Largely known in the UK for its range of personal accounting options, HSBC is also a popular bank in the business world. During the global recession of 2008 it managed to avoid the huge losses suffered by the likes of rivals – including Barclays and Santander – by favouring deposits and savings instead of loans. The corporation actually managed to post a profit during the period and lent other struggling banks funds in order to help them through the crisis – this part of its history has given HSBC a position of trust for many in the sector despite other controversies, including a $1.9bn fine by the US Government for money laundering in 2012.

Options for new and small businesses

HSBC Business Banking offers a wide range of options for those small revenue businesses seeking to entrust their financial affairs with the company. Those with a turnover of up to £2 million can receive expert advice from the bank’s specialists across a range of platforms – be it in person or over the phone. HSBC also offer a range of interest rates at competitive rates for new businesses seeking to borrow – newcomers can also take advantage of a period of free banking while they establish their start-ups with a typical offer length of 18 months.

Commercial Banking at HSBC

The worldwide reach of HSBC – they have offices in 63 countries worldwide – means that they are a popular option for commercial bankers seeking to grow at a truly international level. It almost goes without saying that – for those with an annual turnover of up to £30 million – global exchange rates are a constant factor to consider during any transactions. HSBC have a Global Marketing team who can work with business owners to devise plans to protect against fluctuating interest rates – which could otherwise leave them out of pocket should it fall during a deal. The quality of the service provided to commercial businesses has meant that HSBC can now boast more than three million clients in this group.

What can HSBC offer corporate bankers?

For those businesses that can boast a turnover of more than £30 million, HSBC offers a variety of advisory services that include detailed funding and risk management as well as international services – for which they are well-renowned. Uniquely among UK banks, HSBC customers also get seamless access to a global banking presence which can help the profile of a business and thus make it more attractive in the global market.

With many of the services offered by HSBC Business Banking, call (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9442 now and have one of their customer service team deal with your issue.

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