How to switch to Sky

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With Sky TV already subscribed to by more than ten million homes, the company have started to focus on making rapid gains in the broadband market – adding a further five million customers through Sky Broadband as well as another four million through their Sky Talk landline provision.

How to Switch to SkyWhy switch to Sky?

As is the case in any consumer industry, customers want the cheapest price for the service – so it is that Sky will often undercut competitors as well as being able to offer a range of extra add-ons to their basic packages that make them an attractive proposition. The two cornerstones of the Sky TV empire for instance are Sky Sports and Sky Movies. These are available to purchase for customers on rival Sky TV competitors such as Virgin Media or BT – however they will be more expensive per month than for those existing Sky customers. Given that the basic packages offered by both competitors is similar in terms of channels available – both are obliged to show the 240 Freeview channels that are now available – differences in their own packages coming down to their own in-house channels so it can be add-ons like Sky Sports or Sky Movies that make the difference.

Sky also offer competitive rates for Sky rental lines as well as Sky Broadband – several customers comparisons show that Virgin is actually quicker for its broadband speed but does have tighter restrictions on download limits while it is also regarded as varying more in its speed than Sky.

Switching to SkyLeaving your old provider

Sky make it incredibly easy to switch to them – depending on who a new customer’s existing provider was they will often be able to complete the entire transaction for them at no extra cost. In all cases it is possible to keep an existing landline phone number when switching to Sky. Those who are moving from Talk Talk or BT – or Plusnet – for their internet provision, will be able to take full advantage of the Sky Switch Squad. This is a customer service outlet who will be able to inform and arrange the account switch upon being informed by a new Sky customer of their previous account details. New customers will give this information either when selecting their Sky bundle through the company website – or by calling up Sky direct.

Those switching from Virgin will find the switch trickier. Because Talk Talk and Plusnet both use BT landlines as well as Sky, the change is easier. Virgin install their own landlines which mean that it is necessary to actively stop the use of their landline before moving over to the Sky Talk landline. Ending a contract with Virgin – or any previous provider – will involve an industry-standard 30 day notice period from the customer; it is possible to get out of a contract earlier than the fixed date although this will mean that the customer has to pay the outstanding amount due.

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