How to save money on your British Gas bill

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A quick guide to taking a cost-effective approach to energy (within your home or business)

Today’s challenging financial climate has led more people to search for money-saving options in numerous areas, with energy efficiency being one of the main ways of reducing your monthly outgoings. Going greener and thinking smarter can bring welcoBritish Gas vanme savings to your British Gas bill – with small changes, such as improved insulation, regular boiler servicing or careful thermostat control, making a big difference. In fact, you could save up to £2,000 per year, simply by adopting an energy savvy approach.

We have compiled a user-friendly guide, highlighting hints & tips designed to reduce your British Gas bill.

Firstly, did you know that?

  • An inefficient boiler, if not regularly serviced, could actually amount to a huge 30% of your overall gas bill – equating up to £300. Therefore, routine servicing, plus radiator bleeding could keep your home warmer for less.
  • Switching to energy efficient light bulbs can save up to £40 per year, whilst switching appliances off (or onto an automatic standby server) can save a further £30.
  • Reducing your heating thermostat by just one degree, plus adequate draught exclusion can equate to lowering energy bills by 10% – that’s a saving of £60.
  • Pipe insulation only costs around £15 and by insulating your hot water cylinder savings can amount to around £40.
  • Simply by choosing to dry clothing outside rather than using the tumble dryer could lead to a reduction of approximately £40 per year.

 Larger savings of up to £1400 can be made by:

  1. Utilising the British Gas Scrappage Scheme (giving you up to £700 in savings) to upgrade your boiler, thus opting for more energy efficient option.
  2. An increased amount of people are choosing solar panels as an energy-efficient way to create their own energy – lowering bills by over £800 per year.
  3. Making the most of British Gas’ free cavity and loft insulation (currently available for British Gas customers) could mean savings of £150 off previous loft insulation energy loss and £145 per year off poor cavity wall insulation.

British Gas Smart Meter energy control:

Another option for saving money on your British Gas Bill is to install a Smart Meter – which actually enables you to physically see how much gas and electric you are using.  British Gas Smart Meters highlight which appliances are using energy, when they use it and by how much, helping you keep track on your bill – they even remove the hassle of having to give a metre reading. A simple traffic light system indicates the level of usage and digital tariff information collates a running total in pounds and pence. In addition, using information automatically sent from your Smart Metre, British Gas can inform of cheaper tariff (by text) options as they arise.

Energy control on-the-go with Hive (Hive Active Heating™) – is the mobile solution that utilises a hub, thermostat and receiver, allowing you to alter your heating and hot water from your phone, tablet or laptop via a free App or online dashboard –  saving up to £150 in the process. Installation of your Hive system is conveniently conducted within 90 minutes and will work in conjunction with your existing heating system.

Extra benefits include free access to your online account, technical support and a handy Hive App. In addition, Hive’s ‘Active Frost Protection’ means no more frozen pipes, saving you hassle and expense of expensive bursts. There is also the option to set temperature alerts, so heating an empty home or boosting its temperature before arriving home are both viable options – with no waste energy.

The business of saving money on your British Gas bill is diverse, with gadgets and advice constantly evolving. Alongside the aforementioned energy-saving aspects already highlighted in this article, there are other questions regularly raised.

These include:

Q. I’m currently a British Gas customer considering incorporating electricity into my bill – is there an advantages to dual-fuel?

A. Switching to dual-fuel could save you around £15 per year, plus associated benefits regularly available simply for changing.

Q. I’ve heard that I can earn money by generating my own energy, is that right?

A. Yes, as part of the Feed-in Tariff you can – in addition to the money saved by not using an energy supplier, for every kilowatt hour (kWh) you generate, you’ll be paid, even if you don’t use it.

Q. What can I do to help with the cost of taking a more eco-friendly approach to energy within the home?

A. The Government initiative, ‘Green Deal’ aims to assist with the initial cost of making the transition to greener energy options from British Gas. This begins with a green assessment of your home (typically costing £129), ascertaining areas where energy efficiency may be improved – from there an independent advisor will compile recommendations for change ready for your Green Deal Finance Loan application.