How to Install Sky

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Getting your services changed can be a huge hassle at the of times – but luckily, Sky have an expert team of installation engineers which make the process as easy as possible. We’ve put together a guide to make sure that the procedure goes as smoothly as can be – meaning you don’t miss a beat in the big switch.

How to install SkyHow to install Sky

There are no eligibility issues with Sky TV, however those seeking to join Sky Talk must have a BT landline – if they do not then they must first switch to one. Sky can arrange this although it is likely a charge will be made for the switch. For any installation that does require an engineer to visit a home to activate a new phone line, a letter or email will be sent by Sky to arrange an appointment. It is important to make sure that you are in for this appointment because the Sky terms and conditions state that any failure to be available for the first appointment will result in a full service fee for any subsequent re-scheduling.

New customers should also be aware that any kind of line installation that calls for engineering work beyond what Sky consider standard – that is if they have to dig through land without permission or do anything that may affect other connections in the area – they will not complete the engineering work, which will result in the order being cancelled and the new customer being refunded.  Any installation of a new line will always take place between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday – excluding public and Bank Holidays. If you are living in rented property do ensure that the landlord has given permission for any work to do be done – such as drilling holes in the wall.

Installing SkySet-up

Setting up with Sky is really easy after eligibility has been assessed – the company themselves will make an application to BT to switch the customer’s chosen telephone services to Sky Talk. Following acknowledgement of this from the landline provider, customers can then expect to be notified of an activation date of their services via email or written letter. Customers are generally advised to wait for ten days to allow the activation to take place.

It should be pointed out that BT cannot always make the switch. If this is the case then Sky will have to look at the option of putting in a new Sky Talk Service line – which they advise can take approximately two weeks to set up from the date that the initial order was made.

Ahead of their activation date, new customers will be sent a Sky Hub router which is to be plugged into the master phone socket – using the microfilter provided. Access can then be made to the internet by finding the network key on the Hub – typing it when prompted for a password on your device having found the new network.

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