Home Office – responsible for immigration and national security

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Formed in 1782, the Home Office is a ministry of the UK government that mainly deals with issues regarding immigration and matters pertaining to national security.

Immigration matters include visas, border control; and national security matters are dealt with through the running of the police and the British ‘secret service’ (MI5).

Headed by Conservative MP Theresa May, it is currently estimated that the annual operating budget for the Home Office in around £9 billion – most of which is spent on various forms of law enforcement. At the moment, their head offices are based at 2 Marsham Street, London, but there are various regional departments located across the UK that deal with various different aspects of their business.

Alongside the Department for Work and Pensions, the Home Office (officially referred to as the Home Department in Parliament) is reportedly one of the most contacted branches of the British government. This is largely due to the bodies it is responsible for the administration of – with the UK Border Agency and Passport Office two of their most frequently called operations.

As part of reforms implemented in 2011, it was stated that the Home Office’s top priority moving forward was to make the police more accountable for their actions (this followed several high profile legal cases involving the police force), with strategies aimed at making the government more able to fight crime being the second most important aspect of their future plans. Continuing the development of anti-terrorism measures, the reduction of immigration and building a ‘fairer and more equal society’ were among their other ambitions.