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Need to speak to a member of the Home Office team about immigration policy? Contact their staff now by phoning (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9422 and have your queries dealt with immediately.

Along with the benefits system, one of the aspects of the government’s operations that has been most actively targetted in recent years has been that of immigration policy. Following various restructures of both the Home Office and the UK Borders Agency (UKBA), the aim has been creating a clearer and more concise idea of who is allowed to take residence in Britain.

Would I be able to move to the UK under the current Home Office immigration policy?

One of the most hotly debated issues in both the press and in parliament, immigration has been a controversial issue for well over a century. However, despite aspects of the press wanting to report on the issue as though there is widespread animosity towards people moving to the UK, the country is generally favourable to anyone looking to move to Britain for what are perceived to be the ‘right reasons’.

Moving to the UK for work

Although employment levels have been at record lows, the government is still keen to promote entrepreneurship in the country – and thus, anyone with a viable business idea, or who needs to come to Britain in order to work should be able to take up residency. However, Home Office staff are able to advise on the specifics of this, as it is a very tightly legislated area.

Seeking asylum in the UK

Although perhaps one of the most vilified aspects of migration in the media, people in the UK generally look quietly sympathetically on asylum seekers – and as long as there is extenuating circumstance in your home country that means you are not able to live there, the Home Office should approve British residency.

Anyone looking to pursue asylum in the country is advised to make contact before they attempt to move to the country in order to expedite the process and avoid potential deportation.

Coming to the UK as a student or tourist

If you are a student looking to take up education in the country or a tourist who would like to spend an extended amount of time in the UK, the Home Office is able to issue visas that tailored to fit individual needs. However, contacting a member of their staff to talk about personal circumstance and requirements is key to this.

If you have any query regarding the UK’s immigration policy and how it could apply to you or a loved one, contact the Home Office team now by phoning (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9422.

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