HM Revenue and Customs Contact Number: 0843 515 9412

0843 515 9412
HMRC contact number

HM revenue and Customs contact numberIf you need to get in contact with the HM Revenue and Customs helpline, the number to phone  is 0843 515 9412 – upon making the call, you will be directed through to the correct department who will be able to deal with your questions.

With a whole host of different services under their supervision, it can sometimes be difficult to know which branch of HM Revenue and Customs to get in contact with. Especially with the recent reforms in regards to benefits, the best way to get through to the relevant team is to contact their central helpline – from there, you can be directed to whichever branch will be able to take steps towards resolving your issue.

Phoning the HMRC switchboard

HM Revenue and Customs phone numberTo someone who does not have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of HM Revenue and Customs, understanding the structures that are in place – and getting through to someone who can actually help you with your problem – can seem like a mammoth task. If you call the central HMRC contact number, there is an up-to-date menu system that will aid you in getting through to the right department for your query. If you’re still unsure of whom you should be speaking to, one of HMRC’s helpful call centre staff will be able to offer further advice.

Given the broad nature of many issues people are facing – which can sometimes span across various different branches of the tax and benefit system – speaking to a central HMRC agent can be the most efficient way in which to tackle a problem.

Though individual departments will do their best to bring any given matter to a conclusion, it can sometimes be out of the hands of the individual branches’ powers to resolve a matter – even in the simplest terms of just not having the power or resources to make a difference.

Will phoning HM Revenue and Customs resolve my issues?

HM Revenue and Customs numberContacting HMRC is vastly different to interacting with a private company, if only because they are an arm of the government – and, therefore, they are acting on behalf of the crown. Despite this, HMRC can be easy to deal with, and – as long as you acting within the law – they are always willing to offer helpful advice to try and ensure that any matter is brought to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.

Of course, given the matters that HMRC have to deal with – largely tax bills and benefits claims – the result may not always be in favour of the person or company, but it will always be fair in the eyes of the law. Evading or underpaying tax is much more dangerous in the long term, as is over claiming on any benefits – nipping these issues in the bud will avoid stress further down the line.

HM Revenue and Customs contact address

Although they do have offices around the country, the HM Revenue and Customs head office address is still based in Westminster. While regional branches do specialise on individual parts of the organisation’s operations, their London base is still the most powerful. If you have any form of query, their central office will be able to take steps towards resolving it. You can mail HMRC at their postal address below:

100 Parliament Street

If you’re struggling with any issue to do with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), contact them on 0843 515 9412.

0843 515 9412
HMRC contact number

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