Hertz – the American-born car rental company

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Founded in the birth of the American automotive industry in 1918 (when Walter L. Jacobs began leasing his fleet of twelve Ford Model T cars to customers), Hertz has since grown to be one of the largest car-hire companies in the world.

Now hosting operations in 145 countries across the globe, the company have recently relocated their worldwide head offices from their previous New Jersey base to a new headquarters Fort Myers, Florida.

One of the company’s recent innovations has been the creation of Hertz 24/7 (previously known as Hertz on Demand and Connect by Hertz) – a car sharing service, which allows clients to lease cars at local rates. However, this service is only available in London in the UK, with similar operations in Berlin, Madrid, Paris and New York globally.

Hertz were among the pioneers in promoting their services by untypical means – the business has a number of partnerships with air travel providers such as Flybe and Thomas Cook where a hire car can be included in with the cost of a flight. However, the success of this method has been countered by the likes of EasyJet now offering their own car lease operations.

In addition to their main vehicle hire business, Hertz run a number of other operations such as second-hand car sales (under their Hertz Car Sales brand), replacement vehicles for those going through insurance claims (through Hertz Local Edition) and also provide tool rental to the construction industry (run by their Hertz Equipment Rental arm) – however, many of these are only available in the US.