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0843 515 9427
ESA appeals contact number

Need to lodge an appeal against an Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) decision? Whether you’ve got a query or a complaint, call 0843 515 9427 to speak to a member of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) team now.


One of the most controversial measures brought in by the new government, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is widely believed to be one of the most complained about welfare schemes in operation.

Tightly legislated and administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), ESA was implemented in order to try and clamp down on the number of people incorrectly claiming Incapacity Benefit (which has since been phased out). However, many claimants have noted that the current system is too stringent, and places undue stress on the unwell – with many who feel they should be eligible also being denied payments.

Appealing an ESA decision

Similar to most government organisations, the ESA has a very strict structure with certain set deadlines for anyone looking to make an appeal against any decision. Although critics have complained about the seemingly unnecessary levels of bureaucracy imposed, but it does at least mean that claimants know precisely where they stand in the process.

Mandatory Reconsideration

Once you have been informed by the DWP of a decision, you have one month following the date of the letter to request that the decision is looked at again – this step is called ‘Mandatory Reconsideration’, and only those who have taken these measures will be eligible to make an ESA appeal. Forcing a reconsideration is normally a case of sending in a letter – however, the contact team on the ESA appeals helpline should be able to offer individualised advice based on personal circumstances.


Once the DWP has reached a decision through the Mandatory Reconsideration process, the claimant then has 14 days in which they can launch an appeal – this needs to be done formally through written letter, and backed up by medical evidence from a GP. However, it is recommended that those looking to lodge an appeal call the ESA team in order to ensure that all necessary details are enclosed.

Claiming ESA and JSA during an appeal

During the appeal process, the DWP do allow claimants to carry on receiving ESA payments. However, these are capped at the ‘basic’ rate of between £57.35 and £71.70 until the process is completed, rather than the higher payments made to those who have been fully approved. The DWP may also advise that a claimant begin a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) while they come to a decision – however, many people are reluctant to do this and they feel it may affect the final ruling.

If you need to complain about ESA or are looking to lodge an appeal, call 0843 515 9427 and take the first steps towards resolving the matter now.

0843 515 9427
ESA Appeals contact number

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