DPD Collections

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Need to organise a DPD collection for a parcel? Call (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9415 and arrange for your package to be picked up by a member of their delivery team now.

Competing with the likes of DHL and UK Mail, one way in which DPD have managed to gain an edge over their rivals is through offering tailored pick-up times suited to customers who have an account with the company.

Although primarily aimed at corporations, the system is also available to members of the general public who have regular delivery needs. There is no set-up cost for the service (which has proved to be one of the main reasons that many have signed up), although you may be billed extra, depending on the DPD scheme used.

How do I organise a DPD collection or pick-up?

The easiest way to organise a DPD collection is to phone up their dedicated customer service team. The staff at their contact centres are able to accurately assess the strains on the system at any given time, meaning that they are able to tailor pick-ups around times where your personal demands are most likely to be met.

What information do I need to organise a DPD collection?

In addition to details about your personal DPD collections account, the customer service team will require precise information about the number and weight of parcels that are due to be picked up – with any special requirements for individual packages also requested. This allows staff to judge the type of vehicle that will be required, as well as ensuring that any potential problems with the delivery (such as damages or loss) can be avoided.

The only other detail required is your ideal collection time – with DPD able to offer one hour windows in which they guarantee too be available to pick-up your items.

Any charges will be automatically debited from the account that was provided at the time of the account being set-up, and if for any reason a change needs to be made to your order a member of the contact team will get in touch immediately.

DPD collection contact number opening times

Much like their delivery system, DPD’s contact centres are in operation at all times of the day and night, offering 24/7 supervision to make sure that your parcels get to where they need to be.

If you need to speak to the DPD collections team, phone (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9415 and have your parcel picked-up at a time that suits you.

[cnuk_number number=”(Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9415″ position=”bottom” name=”DPD Collections”]