Dell – an industry-leading PC manufacturer since the 1980s

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Born in 1984, Dell were among the first wave of companies to capitalise on the boom in home computing that began in the early 1990s and has largely continued to the present day.

Much of Dell’s marketing has always been around the fact that their infrastructure allows customers to order custom-built desktop computers to individual specifications – a service that rivals IBM have refused to offer to the general public. However, this is only available through orders made directly with the company and not for purchase at third-party retailers such as Amazon and Currys.

Named after founder Michael Dell, the core of the business’ operation still remains the creation of desktop and laptop computers for businesses and individuals, but has recently begun to successfully branch out into other markets. Having only recently moved into providing internal servers to big business, this is now considered to be one of the more profitable aspects of the company – something that sits neatly alongside their IT logistics team.

Although Dell do not produce branded smartphones themselves, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chips and hardware for the likes of HTC, Apple and Samsung. However, the gains from these sales have been more than offset by the losses made as consumers move away from traditional computing and towards tablets – a market in which Dell have struggled to have much impact thus far.