Currys – one of Britain’s foremost electronics retailers

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Founded as a bicycle repair shop by Henry Curry in 1884 before diversifying massively, Currys is one of Britain’s foremost electronics retailers of recent decades.

Hitting the height of their dominance in the 1980s, Currys have been among traders worst hit by the growth of eCommerce – recent year have continually seen their market share drop, with few signs of this trend being reversed.

Currys PC World, at Manchester's Trafford Centre

Wholly owned by the Dixons Group – the parent company also responsible for the Dixons and PC World brands – Currys mainly sell white goods and computing equipment through large, out of town centres. At the peak of their powers, the company were arguably the dominant electronics retailer in the UK – though this reduced as consumers began to have more options available to them and became more tech-savvy.

Despite losing many customers to the likes of Amazon, Currys have a mildly successful internet presence at – though the relatively high price points of many of their products compared to their web-only rivals mean that its online sales only account for a small proportion of overall business.

Currently, Currys have an estimated 295 ‘superstores’ across the UK, and around 73 high street locations – however, the company have announced plans to reduce the latter as much as possible, with the small store format becoming increasingly unpopular with a public who are more demanding than ever.