Crisis Loan Phone Number

0843 515 8415

Crisis Loan Contact Number – 0843 515 8415

Crisis Loan phone numberOur Crisis Loan Contact Number will direct you straight through to the Crisis Loan main enquiry line where a member of this team will gladly assist you with your enquiry. Crisis Loans were administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) until they were recently discontinued and replaced with budgeting loans.

Crisis Loans – an overview

Crisis Loan contact numberUntil April 2013, people in financial need could call the Crisis Loan Telephone Number and gain access to small loans which they could pay back in instalments. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) provided these loans to people who needed help after an emergency or disaster.

What has replaced Crisis Loans?

Following the abolition of Crisis Loans, two main new provisions have been put in place.

  • The responsibility for emergency support for people on very low incomes was transferred from central Government in Westminster to local authorities around the country, which were allowed to set up their own schemes to match the needs of their residents.
  • There is a new scheme of Budgeting Loans, available to people who have been on benefits for at least six months. These can help individuals and families with rent arrears, travel expenses, funeral expenses or hire purchase agreements, among other things.

Crisis Loan numberBecause each local authority was tasked with coming up with their own solutions, the options available are different in every town and city. Rather than calling one national Crisis Loan Phone Number for help, individuals now find there are unique contact numbers for each region.

With the former system, applicants had to call a Crisis Loan Phone Number, however with Budgeting Loans an application form must be filled in and taken to a Jobcentre Plus office.

Crisis Loan applications

Crisis Loans phone numberWhen the responsibility for emergency funding provision was passed from Westminster to local authorities, they were not under any obligation to provide an equivalent loan scheme. Instead, they could invest the money in food banks, credit unions or subsidised services. To find out what is available in your area, calling the old Crisis Loan contact number will be no good as it is no longer active. Instead, get in touch with your local council to see what support they can offer you in an emergency.

To find out more about how to access a Budgeting Loan, the website provides full information about who qualifies, and how to apply.

So while the Crisis Loan Phone Number no longer exists in the same way as it did before April 2013, there is still some provision available for people on low incomes who need a loan to cope with a disaster or emergency. Contacting a local authority or Jobcentre Plus is the best way to find out more and apply for the help that is available.

Other ways of getting in touch with the Crisis Loan team

Although they are unavailable throughout much of the UK, the scheme is still in place in Northern Ireland. Applications can still be made for those living in NI through this link. They can also be contacted by post through the following address. They mainly deal with :

Office of the Social Fund Commissioner
Level 2
James House
2-4 Cromac Avenue

Crisis Loan phone number opening times

Although their hours have reduced somewhat since the operation was downsized to just Northern Ireland, the Crisis Loans contact number still operates fairly accessible opening times. If you need to call, you can do so Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm and Saturday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm. Please note that they are liable to be closed or have shortened operating hours on Bank Holidays and over the festive period.

Crisis Loan Phone Number

0843 515 8415

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