CreditExpert – Experian’s consumer-facing membership service

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As one of the key consumer-facing products offered by Experian, which itself mainly deals directly with businesses, CreditExpert is one of the most popular credit score checking tools in the UK.

Tools offered to CreditExpert members include unlimited credit reports, personalised loans and mortgages, as well as bespoke advice on how one should go about improving their credit rating.

One of the additional features offered by CreditExpert is the inclusion of Identity Fraud Expenses Insurance with every membership – benefits of which include payments for lost earnings and the replacement of personal documents for anyone who has been the victim of identity theft.

Recently, customer uptake numbers for the CreditExpert service are believed to have stalled in the face of increased competition. Noddle (run by rival company Callcredit) offers many of the same credit checking services as Experian’s offering, but does so completely free of charge. Despite this, there appear to be no plans for Experian to launch a similarly cost-free product.

As well as criticisms over the relatively high price of their product, Experian have come under fire for the complex nature of CreditExpert membership, particularly the difficulties many have experienced in cancelling the service. These are problems that were highlighted in a recent documentary about the company on Channel 4’s Despatches programme, which also questioned the accuracy of many reports generated by CreditExpert.