In comparison to the procedures in place in other countries, the UK’s mail system is one of the most heavily legislated anywhere in the world.

Historically dominated by Royal Mail, moves towards the deregulation of the UK’s postal service in recent years has created a number of opportunities for the free market to capitalise upon. However, the British public’s longstanding loyalty to the brand – and their complete monopoly over letter delivery to households across the country – means that there is unlikely to be a new market leader any time soon.


Despite the ubiquity of Royal Mail in Britain, major businesses have often preferred to use specialist delivery businesses thanks to their worldwide infrastructure and increased rates of reliability they are able to offer. DHL, FedEx, DPD and UPS are considered to be the top 4 in this aspect of the industry globally, with each offering a number of next-day, bulk and freight services for companies and customers alike.

The growth of companies such as Amazon and ASOS through ecommerce has allowed a number of new delivery companies to develop and become hugely profitable in their own right. One of the major examples of this came when the Shop Direct Network – owners of the Very brand – funded the purchase of courier Yodel for use across their online shopping brands, with the business now claiming to deliver around 135 million parcels annually for a number of different clients.