Child Benefit

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Child Benefit Call Connection Phone NumberMany people experience problems with their Child Benefit – and if you’re unfortunate enough to be one of those that are going through troubles with their claim, phone their Call Forwarding to the Helpline number now on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9411.

Run by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Child Benefit is one of the least contested and most popular payments made by the government. Even in an age where the government are looking to make cuts wherever possible, the changes that have been made to the scheme have been minimal – especially when compared to the vast alterations made to other benefits.

What is Child Benefit – and can I make a claim?

Primarily aimed at providing a high quality of life for any child living in the UK regardless of their background, in recent times there have been some limitations put upon who can claim. Historically, anyone who was responsible for the upkeep of a child would be eligible to make a claim, regardless of their income. However, this has now been capped to households earning under £60,000 a year – with taxes placed upon those claiming who earn more than £50,000.

To majority of the population, these changes do not affect a Child Benefit claim. In broad terms, you are eligible for payment as long as you have someone under the age of 16 who is dependent on you for financial support – this includes biological, fostered and adopted children. If the youngster stays in education past the age of 16, you may be able to carry on receiving funds.

Generally paid once every 4 weeks – though this schedule can be changed if you speak to the Child Benefit team and explain why you need it altered – most parents and guardians are eligible to receive £20.30 for their eldest and £13.40 for each additional child.

It is important to note that two parents or households cannot claim for the same child – so only the main carer is eligible to receive Child Benefit.

What does the Child Benefit Call Connection Phone Number deal with?

Child Benefit Call Connection Contact NumberIndividual circumstances vary wildly from call to call – but in general the Child Benefit team deal with two kinds of query: alteration of personal details and complaints.

Part of the agreement with HMRC when claiming any benefit is that you keep them up to date with any changes in your personal situation, such as a change of address or taking on a new job. Being kept aware of these alterations allows the government to assess whether you are still claiming the correct amount in benefits, or whether your payments need to be changed.

The other form of call HMRC receive most about Child Benefit – these being complaints – are another matter altogether. These calls usually stem from missed, withheld or suspended payments, and by their very nature are of a much more important nature. Though payments are sometimes purposely not processed, often this is done in error – and in these cases, phoning the Child Benefit team should be a simple procedure.

How many people complain about Child Benefit?

Officially, HMRC only acknowledge that they receive around 2,000 formal complaints per year (though this can vary huge – in 2010, they recorded 3,623 completed complaints) – but this statistic only acknowledges those who have written in to express their dissatisfaction.

Writing to HMRC to complain about Child Benefit is considered the last avenue available for those who are aggrieved about their claim. HMRC have admitted that they do not keep records for the number of people who informally complain – and by this it is perceived that they mean the number of people who phone them each year.

Given the number of staff employed centrally by the government to deal with matters regarding Child Benefit claims, some of the more conservative estimates put the number of calls they deal with per day in the thousands.

It is through these informal complaints that most matters are dealt with – and in many cases, it is a simple administration error that is holding up a payment. Judging by the statistics many people do having longstanding issues with Child Benefit, but the fact is that most calls are straightforward and help the claimant take steps towards resolving their problem.

Alternative methods of contacting the Child Benefit team

Although all of the Child benefit departments can be contacted through their main Call Connection Phone Number, there are some aspects of the welfare that can be dealt with online using the website. Reporting changes in personal circumstance, Child Benefit complaints, applications and appeals can all be dealt with on the web. Their team can also be contacted by traditional mail – you can post them your uestions and queries at the following address:

Child Benefit Office (GB)
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE88 1ZD

Child Benefit Call Connection Phone Number opening times

Much like the other departments in the DWP, the Child Benefit team have fairly accessible opening hours that allow claimants to fit in phone calls around their day. Currently, they are able to receive calls between the following times:

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 4pm
  • Sunday: Closed

The Child Benefit call centre is also closed on all Bank Holidays and on selected days over the Christmas period.

Will phoning Child Benefit make a difference?

Child Benefit numberAlthough HMRC invest in the very infrastructure, the sheer scale of the number of claims they have to process every week means that occasionally, something is bound to go wrong. If you have been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a mistake that has left you without your Child Benefit payment, speaking to a member of staff through their Call Forwarding to the Helpline is likely to help resolve any issues.

In most cases, it can be something as simple as data being input incorrectly (in a change of address or circumstances) that has trigged the problem – and getting your payments back on track should be straightforward once you’ve phoned HMRC.

Even if your claim has been withheld due to a larger issue – such as you no longer being eligible to receive payments-, the Child Benefit staff will be able to talk you through the problem and describe what steps you can take going forward.

If you have missed a Child Benefit payment – or if you’re thinking of making a claim – start by calling their Call Forwarding to the Helpline on (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9411.

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