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Attempting to contact the Callcredit Check team? Whether it is for a cancellation or for a general query, phone (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9447 and have your issue dealt with by their customer service staff immediately.

Along with Experian, Callcredit Check is one of the mark leaders in consumer credit reports. Operating through a monthly membership fee, subscription allows customers to see live information about their current credit score, while offering advice on how to better improve it – which, in turn, should lead to increased savings on a number of financial products including personal accounts, insurance and loans.

Despite their lofty position in the industry, Callcredit Check has been blighted with low customer satisfaction ratings – which has meant that their customer service department is in high demand.

Common problems with Callcredit Check

Despite being held in high regard by many of the financial companies that use their service to get credit reports on clients, Callcredit as a company have a poor reputation among the general public for a number of reasons.

Consumers have reported that they have been debited for Callcredit Check, despite being unable to use the service and have then struggled to have their membership cancelled. The main reason for this inability to use the product is normally put down to the business being unable to verify an individual’s identity – despite being given all the correct information required.

Another key problem reported by some users has been that Callcredit Check has held incorrect information about their fiscal history, meaning that they have been blocked from taking loans, mortgages or credit cards that they should have been eligible to receive.

In most cases, a call to Callcredit Check’s dedicated customer service line should be able to resolve the majority of issues – or their staff should at the very least be able to offer advice on the next steps to take.

How do I cancel a Callcredit Check account?

Although many people sign up to Callcredit Check in order to find out their credit rating, the ongoing benefits on membership are of little interest to most people. This is something that the company have attempted to counter by making the cancellation process for subscriptions to the service as tricky as possible.

Cancelling a Callcredit Check can sometimes be a difficult and long-winded process – however, most members of their contact team should be able to offer helpful advice on the steps to take. In more recent times it has also been reported that the company now allow cancellations over the phone, when it had previously been only available through a complicated e-mail procedure.

If you’re one of the many people experiencing problems with a Callcredit Check report, phone (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 515 9447 and have their team deal with your issue now.

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