BT – the UK’s largest telecoms company

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Starting out as British Telecom in 1980, BT is the UK’s largest telecommunications company, and remains one of the most well-known and trusted brands across the country.

Although the company traditionally dealt in providing landline phone services to households, the steady decline of consumer reliance on home phones has seen the business diversify into broadband and digital television in recent years.


Although the mass majority of landline connections still have to run through BT in one way or another – and, thus, make up a huge proportion of the company’s income – they have made huge gains as an internet service provider thanks to their much vaunted fibre-optic broadband services. Boasting some of the fasting download speeds available, they compete with Virgin Media and TalkTalk for the majority of their ISP business.

More recently, the company has branched out into providing digital television to customers – and have attempted to take some of Virgin Media’s ‘all-inclusive’ marketing strategy by launching BT Infinity. In 2013, the company launched BT Sport – a direct competitor to Sky Sport, aimed at further increasing their digital television market share.

BT Telephone Booth

BT are also responsible for Openreach, which is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the infrastructure around their landline telecommunications business. However, Ofcom have strict guidelines to ensure that the company don’t use this arm of the company to manipulate the market in their favour. The most notable project that Openreach have been responsible for in recent times is the creation of BT’s fibre-optic broadband network.