Brittany Ferries – one of the UK’s largest fleets

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Operating out of head offices in Roscoff near the northwesternmost tip of France, Brittany Ferries have a fleet of 9 ships that run between the UK, Ireland, France and Spain to service a total of 13 routes between 11 locations.

Founded in 1972, the company (along with main rivals P&O) has remained popular in face of competition from Eurotunnel and budget flight operators such as EasyJet and Ryanair.

In order to attempt to lure customers from other methods of transport, Brittany Ferries have begun to add a number of additional extras to their services – including the provision of free Wi-Fi, indoor swimming pools and cinemas on longer journeys (such as their Portsmouth to Spain routes). They have also begun to offer a low-cost brand under the name Brittany Ferries Économie – though this is a relatively limited service compared to their main operations.

Although their routes are generally consistent throughout the year, Brittany Ferries are known to have an annual ‘refit season’ annually each spring, during which they go about refurbishing their fleet – and this can often lead to a number of their less popular services running a more infrequent timetable.

In the face of criticism for the wider travel industry about the level of pollution produced, Brittany Ferries have been pioneers in searching for more environmentally friendly ways for passengers to use their service. Starting from 2011, the company funded research in greener ferries, and have since announced that they have ordered a gas powered ship – construction of which began in January 2014.