British Gas FAQs

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British Gas FAQBritish Gas has an efficient approach to customer service, averaging just 55 seconds to answer telephone calls based on assisting approximately 1,331,559 phone calls per month. And despite staff attending to around 90% of emails within 48 hours – there are still things you can do before making an enquiry, ensuring your query is dealt with as swiftly as possible.

For your convenience, we’ve highlighted some of the most typically raised questions when contacting British Gas – enabling you to gather information prior to your enquiry or even answer any queries on the spot.

Moving Home?

Q. I’m moving home, how do I reclaim credit on my metre and how do I transfer my British Gas service to my new address?  

A. Once your account has been assessed, British Gas will refund any credit owed on your bill – all that’s needed is your new address, current meter reading, the name of the new occupier and the date of your move (all preferably given 2 days before your move).

Please remember that any Pay As You Go Energy billing can be easily transferred – please inform British Gas 3 days before your move, should you wish to transfer your current arrangement. This will allow enough time for British Gas to send a new card or key. If moving into a property with Pay As You Go Energy it is advisable not to use a card or key left in the system from a previous occupant, otherwise you may be paying someone else’s bill.

Q. I recently moved into a property and have received a bill under the previous occupant’s name – what do I do?

A. Once you’ve established an account in your name, we will need the forwarding address of the previous occupant – transfer of details takes around 21 days and will be confirmed by letter.


Tariffs & billing

british-gas-frequently-asked-questionsQ. With so many energy tariffs available how do I know I’m on the right one?

A. British Gas has introduced a tariff check service, which allows personalised price comparisons based on your individual energy use within a 12-month period – ascertaining areas of potential saving. In fact the British Gas customer service team will search their current tariff portfolio – emailing (online account holders) every six months with details of alternative tariffs.

Q. I’m currently paying my British Gas bill by Direct Debit and want to take a payment holiday, how do I go about this?

A. ‘Payment holidays’ and ‘flexible payments’ are popular amongst many British Gas customers – and can be easily arranged in conjunction with your existing Direct Debit arrangement.

As the name suggests British Gas’ ‘flexible payments’ open the opportunity for you to adjust monthly amounts to suit your circumstances. Likewise, ‘payment holidays’ allow you to take up to two months payment-free, altering your remaining monthly amounts to accommodate changes.


Breakdowns, repairs and insurance

Q. Boiler insurance sounds like a sensible choice but which level of service should I choose?

A. British Gas provide a selection of packages to suit various needs, including annual service in addition to maintenance, routine servicing, breakdown and repair support. In addition, bespoke landlord packages are available upon request – all offered in conjunction with British Gas’ HomeCare range of cover.

Q. Do British Gas offer a one-off repair service?

A. As a British Gas customer, you do have access to one-off repairs should the need arise – please note that this is subject to availability, however the customer helpline does operate 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Q. I have requested for an engineer to visit, when will he arrive?

A. In addition to an initial estimated time slot, engineer visits can also be tracked online. Simply log onto your online account to ascertain where your job number is in the queue. Alternatively, a member of the British Gas customer service team will gladly assist you via telephone.


British Gas’ customer service team are available from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 6pm on a Saturday.

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