British Gas Departments

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British Gas departmentsWhen dealing with a company the size of British Gas it can be hard to know which department to send a query too. The following sub-categories should help to answer that however – saving any customer the irritation of being put on hold or transferred to another member of the British Gas Customer Service team.

Pay As You Go

  • Freephone number: 0800 048 0303.

Households who pay their energy fees by way of instant top-up on a meter at home should call the Pay As You Go Energy helpline directly – whether making a complaint or reporting a broken meter. How meters are topped up depends whether they are for gas or electric; a gas Pay As You Go meter will come with a card which can be topped up at a local vendor – typically a newsagents or post office. Electric meters meanwhile come equipped with keys that – similarly to gascards – can be topped up at local outlets. The biggest reason for people using Pay As You Go tariffs is so that they can keep complete control over their energy outgoings – as opposed to relying on an estimated bill or finding that their usage has far exceeded what they can actually afford.

Moving home

  • Freephone number: 0800 048 0202.

Many people wish to take their existing energy supplier with them if they move house – this is possible even if a customer is on a Pay As You Go meter, although British Gas recommend using up all existing credit before leaving the property. Any British Gas customer moving house will need to provide the company with a meter reading at the time of moving, so that any arrears can be paid on the property before an updated contract comes into play. Anyone wishing to leave British Gas will have to do the same – it is not recommended avoiding telling British Gas of the move, as almost any tenancy agreement relies on final bills being paid before a tenant can regain their deposit from the landlord.

Maintenance and repair

British Gas departments

  • HomeCare freephone number: 0800 294 9650.
  • Non-HomeCare freephone number: 0800 000 999.

Help with maintenance is offered by British Gas depending on whether an energy user is on their British Gas HomeCare plan or not. The HomeCare plan works as an insurance policy which means that – for a monthly fee – the company will offer a range of cover from everything like boiler replacement to plumbing repairs as well as central heating.  Those not included in the plan can still contact British Gas for repair, but will have to pay a one-off charge for the service – just like calling any plumber or electrician. Within the British Gas maintenance department there are two sub-departments, depending on whether the issue is to do with central heating breakdown or plumbing and drains breakdown.


  • Freephone number: 0800 072 5280.

Existing British Gas energy customers who want the company to supply their new property are recommended to report their house move online through the British Gas website. New customers are advised to call the company directly. Lines are open 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday as well as 8am-6pm on a Saturday. Anyone who does call is recommended to have their existing meter serial number handy – which is located on the front of the meter. It can take between six-to-eight weeks for British Gas to install a gas supply to a new address.

Gas or electricity theft

  • Freephone number: 0800 587 2737.

One particular sign that gas or electricity is being stolen is excessively low consumption in a particular property – although further proof is often needed as British Gas do not assume that low consumption means a line has been tampered with. There are many other forms of energy theft too – ranging from tampering with the meter to by-passing it altogether. If someone is being suspected of stealing energy, it is in the customer’s interest to report it. Any unpaid for gas or electricity has to be covered by British Gas – which often leads to a hike in bills for their customers. It is also a criminal offence to steal energy.

Energy saving advice

  • Freephone number: 0800 072 8629.

Anyone concerned about the cost of their energy bill may wish to find out ways they can naturally save energy without spending any money. British Gas have a department that are able to help offer tips of this nature – they also have online help across their website. Beyond using energy saving lightbulbs, home owners are also recommended to check where any additional drafts are entering the building – for instance if they are not using a chimney they should block it up. For excess heating bills, it is worth checking where radiators are situated – if there is a large piece of furniture blocking one then find somewhere else to move it as it is preventing the heat from circulating as well as it could do.