Amazon – the world’s largest online retailer

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Now the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon started life as an online bookshop back in 1994 before gradually branching out into selling virtually everything and almost anything.

Founded by Jeff Bezos, the company is now one of the most recognisable brands in retail, and is responsible for shipping thousands of DVDs, games, and CDs every day – as well as offering products as diverse as food, consumer electronics and jewellery.

Amazon UK HQ

As part of their growth, they’ve also made huge gains in own-branded products – largely thanks to their Amazon Kindle series of e-readers and tablet computers, which has become one of the main competitors to the Apple iPad in the UK market.

In addition to this, Amazon have also launched their own iTunes-style MP3 store, and offer various cloud computing solutions for those a little more tech-savvy.

Over recent years, the company have launched services more wide-ranging than simply consumers sales – Amazon own online film rental provider LoveFilm, audiobook service, internet ranking website Alexa, crowd-sourced book review site Goodreads and Internet Movie Database (IMDB) among other companies.

Despite dominating the online retail market, these moves to diversify indicate that Amazon is interested in much more than simply consumer shopping – and have plans to become one of the internet’s dominant forces across all markets.

Amazon has run into controversy in recent times thanks to the methods employed at their Warehouses (internally referred to as Fulfilment Centres).

Although employees regularly having to work long hours with limited breaks, there is still a high demand for jobs with Amazon – the company currently has UK depots in Brogborough, Rugeley, Peterborough, Doncaster, Hemel Hempstead, Inverclyde, Dunfermline, Crymlyn Burrows and Swansea.