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Contact Numbers UK is a site dedicated specifically to helping people find the best, most direct contact number for business and government departments throughout the UK and Europe via the web and mobile apps too.

With over 40 years’ experience in business telecoms, we know all the shortcuts in connecting to UK businesses and finding the correct number – our aim is to help the general public connect more quickly, directly and efficiently to specific teams and departments which are normally difficult to get through to.

With our knowledge we have been able to do all the hard work for you – we’ve found the very best phone numbers available. Currently, the Admiral contact number is among our most popular.

Contact Numbers UK constantly researches business and government bodies via various methods to ensure the numbers we provide are the most accurate, effective and up-to-date numbers available.

Our base of business numbers is growing by the day, and you will see we regularly update the main site and categories with new and fresh content and descriptive posts providing informative information regarding the business and not to forget the all-important Contact Number you need.

Contact Numbers UK – Feedback

As we welcome one and all to use our site and the information we provide, we also welcome your feedback – good and bad – on the effectiveness of the service and how useful you have found it. If at any point you experience a number which does not work or read information which may need updating, please do feel free to contact us at any time and we will make any necessary amendments to the site.