TV Licence Phone Number

0843 515 9406

TV Licence Phone Number 0843 515 9406

TV Licence Phone Number, directing you to our main Customer Service Team where we will endevour to assist you with your enquiry.

There are a few different types of TV licence available in the UK, and there are different payment option available to the licensee.  To find out which type of licence you need you can call the TV licence phone number and discuss your options.  Arranging your payment plan can be done by the same telephone number.

You can pay your license in a number of ways to suit your needs.  You may wish to pay yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly depending on your particular circumstances.  To set up payment, you can call the TV licence contact number and discus direct debit options.

If you are changing address, you must get in touch with the TV licensing service to let them know.  Use the appropriate telephone number to make contact and update your details.  You will need to arrange for a licence to be put in place for your next home.

TV Licence Phone NumberDifferent licensing tariffs are available for certain groups of people.  If you are over 74 years of age, a student, visually impaired, in the armed forces, a care home resident, or if you have a second home, then you may require a different license.  To find out more about this, and about different prices for different needs, call the TV licence phone number on 0843 515 9406 to make an enquiry.

Businesses and organizations have different requirements when it comes to TV licensing.  There is a number of different options according to the size and type of your business.  You can discuss these options and find out which is the correct licence for your needs by using the TV licence contact number.  A team of helpful and friendly staff are waiting to help you out.

Hotels, campsites and guesthouses are responsible for licencing the televisions used by their guests.  The number of licences required by such an establishment varies according to the number of guests.  If the number of guests fluctuates, and you are unsure about how much licencing coverage you need, then you should use the telephone number for the licencing service to put your queries to a member of staff.

TV dealers have a different set of responsibilities when it comes to the licencing authority.  Details of all sales and rentals need to be provided within 28 days of a transaction.  Dealers must register with the TV Licencing in order to provide these details.  Call the TV licensing phone number to learn about any details regarding TV dealers and repairers.

TV Licence Phone Number

0843 515 9406

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