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0843 515 8334

TFL Contact Phone Number

Transport for London (known as TfL) are responsible for almost all transport systems within the Greater London area. This includes responsibility for London Underground, London Rail, and surface transport such as London buses and River Services on the Thames. As a result of their extensive remit, there is more than one Transport for London contact number.

What sort of information can I get from the TfL phone number and when are they open?

ftl NumberYou can get travel information and journey planning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the TfL phone number, however most of the other TfL contact numbers are open for shorter hours, and some only during week day office hours. You can access a range of information however on everything Transport for London are responsible for, from street enquiries, the London Underground and lost property, right through to River Services on the Thames and the Docklands Light Railway. Many of the TfL contact numbers open between 8am and 8.30am, and do not close under 8pm, however it does depend on the particular service or enquiry you are making.

Can Transport for London help with Barclays Bike Hire?

Barclays Bike Hire is available across London, giving you the freedom to hire a bike, use it and return it to a convenient location, at minimal expense, and without worrying about storage and security. There is a TfL contact number for the Barclays Bike Hire scheme along with dedicated pages on their website.

Can I get information about the Congestion Charge from the TfL phone number?

TfL are responsible for the Congestion Charge and you can make a general enquiry using the general TfL contact number, however Penalty Charge/Enforcement and Fleet registration enquiries are available on another Transport for London contact number. You can also pay using the Automated Telephone Service if you have registered already.

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0843 515 8334

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