eBay Contact Number

0843 515 9457

eBay Contact Number 0843 515 9457

The CNUK eBay Contact Number will connect you to the Administration and Switchboard for eBay, the online marketplace where items are sold and bought between individuals and companies all across the world.

eBay brings buyers and sellers together on the internet, where almost all the communication is carried out via email and messaging, but you are able to supply a telephone number if this is more convenient. Most individuals who sell their unwanted, outgrown or surplus items won’t be happy to give out their telephone number to unknown buyers, but small companies, who also sell their stock on eBay, often will supply theirs.

eBay Contact NumberHow does eBay work? Sellers provide photographs and descriptions of items they wish to sell, from used clothes, new footwear, antiques, hobby supplies and outgrown baby equipment, to books, jewellery and electrical goods. There is just about anything you could possibly want to buy on this website, old and new.

There are 2 ways of selling items. They can be sold auction style, where bids are placed and the highest amount within a predetermined time wins. Or they can be sold ‘buy it now’ style, where a customer just purchases the item at a set price, as they would on a regular retail website.

Whether you want to buy or sell, you will need to set up an account with eBay. This is easy and free of charge. Once you are a member you can find the eBay contact number if you look on the eBay Customer Services Support tab. eBay prefers contact to be via their messaging service, and most queries can be answered by using this. They are quick to respond. But there are some instances when you have to speak to someone, and you will need the eBay phone number.

Open Monday – Friday 8.00am to 10.00pm and Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 6.00pm the CNUK eBay contact number is 0843 515 9457.

The CNUK eBay phone number will help with customer service issues such as account queries and unresolved disputes between buyers and sellers.

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eBay Customer Services Number

0843 515 9457


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