Amazon Prime Contact Number

0843 515 9456
Amazon Prime contact number

Got a question about Amazon Prime? Call their contact number now on 0843 515 9456 and get the assistance you require, fast.

Already the largest e-commerce brand on the web, Amazon have taken a number of steps towards increasing their dominance of internet shopping. As well as diversifying into brands such as LoveFilm (which has now been rebranded as Amazon Prime Instant Video), the company have also strengthened their core user experience by offering Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Essentially the company’s premium level of membership, an Amazon Prime subscription allows customers access to a number of different bonuses. Perhaps the main advantage is free next-day delivery for any order placed through Amazon, though a Prime subscription also entitles users to stream over 15,000 titles through Prime Instant Video and to borrow any of 500,000 titles from the Kindle library.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime account?

Currently being heavily promoted by the company, most customers are drawn to Amazon Prime through a free 30-day trial period. However, though many people are happy with the advantages that a membership offers, a high percentage of users feel that it doesn’t offer value for money or best suit their current needs.

Cancelling an Amazon Prime membership is as simple as making a call to their contact number and informing a member of their customer services team that you would like to end your subscription. No information needs to be provided regarding the circumstances around cancellation, although they may be asked for in order for the company to improve the Amazon Prime service.

Making a complaint about Amazon Prime

The main complaint most Amazon Prime users have about their service is problems regarding their promise of next day delivery for items – with some customers noting that their orders have reached them in times similar to standard Royal Mail speeds.

Making a complaint about Amazon Prime not only allows the company to attempt to iron out some of the problems related to the service, but has also been known to lead to refunds and Amazon credit being granted.

Logging an issue is as easy as calling the Amazon Prime contact number and speaking to the dedicated complaints team – from there, they should be able to deal with the administration process to resolve your problem.

Amazon Prime contact number opening hours

Much like every department in the whole of the company, the Amazon Prime contact number is able to take calls from 6am through to 12 midnight, 7 days a week – though this is liable to change during Bank Holidays.

If you have any kind of question, query or complain about their service, call the Amazon Prime contact number on 0843 515 9456 and speak to a member of their team immediately.

0843 515 9456
Amazon Prime contact number

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